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Hello! My name is Patrick

Visionary and entrepreneur


Born in 1973, I started my professional career as a truck mechanic. After a short but instructive intermezzo in the field of sun & weather protection, I decided to switch to the dynamic world of IT 27 years ago. My studies in business informatics further deepened my expertise in this field. Now I have been in a new and exciting world for seven years, which drives me.

I am firmly convinced: With commitment and passion, you can achieve anything.

It's all about digitalization, crypto, blockchain, investment & mindset here.

If you don't want to lose touch with future developments, then you've come to the right place.

What is TOBG all about?

TOBG stands for Teaching& Online Business Germann. The "Online Training" (Teaching) is about the YouTube channel and personal support, as well as the Discord chat server of TOBG. Here newcomers and experienced Kryptonauts will find a well-founded and pleasant information and communication platform. If you prefer personal support or consulting, you can find more information in the support section. You can book me 🙂

The term "Online Business" is deliberately kept global, because here the possibilities are very diverse and always new business areas are added or existing ones fall away. I am of the opinion that one should not rely on only one source of income and therefore the online business of TOBG includes several topics. We also make sure to invest in different industries and companies, which are located in different countries.

Through my irrevocable decision to go a new way, I have learned a lot about myself and the power of thoughts. This knowledge is the most valuable thing I have experienced in my entire life. It is simply great what you can achieve thanks to decisions, positive thoughts and the firm belief in your abilities and in a project! 

Motivation, personality development and self-realization are among TOBG's greatest concerns. To be able to pass on the knowledge about this to fellow human beings is a true enrichment. Everyone has the birthright to happiness, success, freedom, independence and self-determination! To be happy is not as difficult as many may think!

Sense and purpose of TOBG

TOBG is built on four pillars:
  1. Online training in DLT, blockchain, crypto and various IT topics.
  2. Investment in startups and innovative traditional markets.
  3. DLT, Blockchain & Crypto.
  4. Consulting & support in crypto, DLT technology and personal development (how to achieve your goals most effectively).

Essentially, it's about the fact that you can achieve anything with the right attitude. Working with money and increasing it should only be a means to an end.

Anyone who has their hard-earned money in a savings account knows that you hardly get a return on it anymore. Those who have saved a particularly large amount or who may have made an inheritance even have to pay negative interest on it. As if this were not enough, money automatically loses value over time. This is called inflation. My today saved 50'000.- are in 10 years very likely only 40'000.- worth... But this does not have to be!

By means of investment and a diversified portfolio, you can put your money to work and, depending on your risk tolerance, achieve a multiple return. But be careful! Especially in online investment, there are unfortunately far more black sheep than reputable projects / products, which also really bring long-term returns. If you don't want to worry about increasing the value of your money yourself, you can buy a few Bitcoins, Cardano or Ethereum, for example. Crypto experts agree that a single Bitcoin will be worth multiples in 3-5 years. However, what value a Bitcoin will actually have depends on many factors, of course, and therefore cannot be predicted with certainty. An investment in cryptocurrencies also carries a high risk and a total loss can never be ruled out.

What many investors do not consider

What many people don't know is that investing is not only about the available capital, but in the main about one's own psyche. Having fear and greed under control is much more difficult than working with the money itself. Most people lose their money not because of a stock market crash or because they invested wrongly, but because they are too greedy or too fearful.

TOBG invests a lot of time in research around the digital future, ICOs, digital currencies and online investments. TOBG makes this knowledge available to all interested parties with great pleasure. Visit the YouTube channel of TOBG and get a lot of useful information.

Please keep in mind that despite the greatest care a total loss can never be excluded. Most startups fail in the first few years.

Also worth a visit is the TOBG blog. Important topics are covered there at irregular intervals.

Visit TOBG's YouTube channel to learn more about the digital revolution and investment opportunities!



TOBG does not manage client funds or provide investment advice.

Risk notice for investments and speculations:

The risk of a total loss is always given and cannot be excluded!

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